Agramate exclusively distributes products of the biggest fertilizer company in India

11/28/2014 12:00:00 AM

On September 16th 2014, representative of Aries Agro Limited Dr. Jimmy Mirchandani and representative of Agramate Corporation Dr. Mai Huu Tin signed an MOU at U&I office. According to the MOU, Agramate has the right to import and distribute exclusively all of Aries Agro’s organic fertilizer products in Vietnamese market.

Representatives of Aries and Agramate signing an MOU


Aries Agro Limited is the biggest fertilizer company and has the most modern technology in India and UAE. Started life since 1969, Aries has spent more than 45 years in producing and trading agricultural fertilizers and chemicals, especially products from organic components. The company has been doing its business successfully in America, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, and some countries of the Europe (which require strictly on technique).

Agramate Corporation, a subsidiary of Unigroup, specializes in producing and trading agricultural materials. Being established in 2013, Agramate has been gradually asserting its own direction by bringing about organic fertilizers and pesticides (friendly with the environment) to Vietnamese market.

This is the first time Aries Agro introduces their products to Vietnamese market, through Agramate – the exclusive distributor.

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