We understand clearly the challenges in the duties that we have proposed. It would be unrealizable if we didn’t have the contributions of  experienced and international style-of-worked talents. Therefore we always focus on strong and profound investment in human element, putting appropriate candidates into appropriate positions in businesses that have strong international activities. We always work with our partners with all our respect, equality and honesty. Our successful joint-ventures and partners coming from developed countries such as America, England, France, Canada, Japan, etc have showed that our way is completely right. Through these joint-ventures, a generation of experienced Vietnamese managers and experts has been created. Above all others, this is our invaluable asset in the process to prepare for bigger sized projects in the future.

    U&I, in our highest objective, will be the destination of Vietnameses who are beautiful in character and variety in abilities in order to exploit and develop Vietnamese potentials most effectively and practically. Because of that objective, we strive incessantly to attract Vietnamese talents to come to U&I. Also because of that objective, we always keep finding good chances in order to expand our business activities.