13 attitudes should be changed to improve yourself

6/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

1.      Often complain

Bad staffs often complain because they see nothing good to satisfy.

2.      Always defend

They never take responsibility for what they have done, just find reasons to defend.

3.      Lack of enthusiasm

They are not very interested when a new project is being launched.

4.      Don’t help people around

They easily speak “This is not my business” when their colleagues or certain people ask for help.

5.      Have the habit of gossip

People with the habit of gossip, speaking ill of a certain person to another will bring about bad effect to the solidarity of all staffs as well as the company culture.

6.      Lie

 A staff who usually lies and tells untrue stories is a great curse for your company.

7.      Show to be a “live dictionary”

They show that they know everything and things you mention don’t matter them at all.

8.      Don’t have the group-working spirit

A staff who just follows their own way and doesn’t care of other ideas of people in the group will affect the company’s benefit.

9.      Lack of responsibility

Staffs who lack of responsibility usually go to work late, don’t finish projects on time and never keep their words.

10.  Lack of creativeness

A good staff will always think and find ways to improve while a bad one just sits and waits for others telling what to do next.

11.  Never make a question

They are not interested in making questions and learning new things.

12.  Lack of concentration

This kind of staff will easily neglect their jobs.

13.  Don’t improve

A staff who never tries to improve will not be able to help your company much.


According to Lam Hoang 

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